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Incorporated in Singapore in April 2008, Vita Grain Pte Ltd (“Vita Grain”) is a Singapore-based developer, producer, manufacturer and distributor of premium high yielding low glycemic index rice through its operating subsidiary in Mauritius, Vita Rice Limited.

Vita Grain was formed to address two serious global problems:

  1. A shortage of rice threatening food security in many countries; and
  2. The need for improved nutritional benefits, including reducing excessive glycemic load in numerous rice varieties which contribute to an epidemic in obesity and diabetes.

Vita Grain is a boutique rice producer. It is a fully integrated rice firm encompassing research & development, seed and rice production, milling, storage and marketing. Vita Grain has plant breeder rights to high yielding proprietary rice lines, some with low glycemic index (GI) as low as 48 which is healthier than widely available rice. Some of these lines have undergone rigorous in-vivo testing at Sydney University to verify their GI values.