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Vita Rice Limited (“Vita Rice”) is a boutique rice producer, head quartered in Port Louis, Mauritius.

Vita Rice has been established to produce, process and market premium low glycemic index rice, branded Mighty Rice, domestically and for export. Vita Rice has an internationally experienced management and senior farm management team.

Mauritius currently imports approximately 76,000 tonnes of rice per annum. Vita Rice plans to develop a 1,500 hectare rice farming operation to reduce Mauritius’ dependence on imports and provide an effective counter to the growth of diabetes in Mauritius. The land supply is from the Mauritian Government through the Rose Belle Sugar Estate Board, private sugar estates and contract farming of smallholder estates.

Engaging Smallholder Estates

Vita Rice’s strategic development in Mauritius is based on engaging smallholder farmers. By providing access to inputs, mechanisation, storage, drying, milling and a guaranteed market for their crop at a transparent forward price, Vita Rice intends to empower smallholder farmers.

Healthy Rice

Mauritius has one of the world’s highest incidence of diabetes. Mighty Rice, a proprietary naturally cross pollinated variety, is one of the healthiest rice varieties available: rigorous in-vivo testing at Sydney University showed an ultra low GI level of 48. Other tests have also revealed it to have among the lowest level of inorganic arsenic of any rice in the world. Mighty Rice is Non-GMO Project Verified.